We’re sorry for the unscheduled week-long downtime, but due to no fault of our own our server went down when our provider suffered infrastructure damage due to a flood in Copenhagen, we couldn’t even provide you guys with a splash screen informing you on what was going on. We’ve been pulling our hair and cussing a lot, and in accordance to Murphy’s law our server was amongst the last percent being restored.
We tried to reach as many of you as possible through twitter, which is our sole information portal outside of Superredundant itself, but not many of you got that information.

So, we are very sorry but there wasn’t a whole lot we could do, as you may have noticed the strips are gone as I’m writing this, even though the provider promised us that no data loss would occur upon restoration.
We are going to re upload them as soon as we can and we’ll return to our regular schedule on Monday.
We hope you guys are still with us and we are looking forward to keep brining you strips.

For future information follow any of us on twitter: DrunkenNovice Korvmatron Psycho_Captain SireHappyPants